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The Big Kick Off

Hey folks, Ethan here. I will be posting some of the best deals in the country (US) on heavy equipment (mainly Skid Steers at first). I have built a data analysis pipeline and will test it out using machinery data. If you are looking to buy and sell machinery make sure you stop back in a week or two for more details.

In the meantime here are a few things to think about.

  • There will be an email list. If you join the list you get early access to at least one deal a week.
  • There may be a paid plan. Customers get early access to more deals.
  • There may be a premium plan. Customers can access most data anytime via a web based dashboard. This will take some time to develop.
  • And maybe the most important item. The pipeline (code, workflow, and revenue model) I have built can be licensed and adapted to meet your needs.