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AWS Solutions Architect - Associate ☁️

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Current (status ⇒ unavailable)

  • Refactoring a group of Terraform repositories to a single mono-repo trunk based model using Terragrunt 9/2022
  • Built and maintain a development framework for quickly building applications on Oracle APEX. An example of this is The framework can be found at 2021-2022


  • Building an automated load testing pipeline using GitLab/Grafana K6 against a Grafana/Mimir/Loki configuration running in an AWS EKS (Kubernetes) cluster 2022
  • Built a Terraform module to deploy RDS Postgres from GitLab on top of a Terragrunt’s Gruntwork library 2022
  • Built a Terraform module to automatically deploy AWS service VPC endpoints within a GitLab infrastructure pipeline 2022
  • Helped develop an automated GitLab pipeline to run aws-nuke along with custom AWS cli commands in order to purge resources from and AWS account at regular intervals 2022


  • Worked on a micro-services API that served as an interface for obtaining access to secure GPS data from multiple sources. (Python, Flask, Containers, AWS, Docker, Docker Compose) 2021
  • Wrote a proposal for building and identifying canary containers on AWS ECS and the issues/problems/solutions surrounding the customers particular requirements 2021
  • Automated some aspect of K8 (EKS) on AWS using Python based Lambda solution. Triggers from AWS Cloud Formation jobs 2020
  • Performed database security assessment for an AWS customer 2020
  • Built a vROPS automation solution (VMware) using Ansible 2019
  • Independent software developer 2016-2019

Ancient Past

  • Administrator for multiple large customers running PeopleSoft ERP on Oracle for Dell Services (previously Perot Systems) 1998-2016
  • Supported database development to production build pipelines, tuning, troubleshooting, hot fixes, customer support and more for (at the time) the largest health care payor claims processing software in the world. 2004-2009