Setting up 📬 email with Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX

These are my notes on setting up email. Fairly easy 👏.

Setting up email was painless. I have defaulted email integration for ArcSQL to use APEX_EMAIL since I plan on doing 90% of my work in APEX.

1️⃣ First read up on SPF here and add the correct DNS txt record to your domain.

2️⃣ Next go through this.

  • You are going to grant SMTP credentials to a user (save the user pass which you will need in a bit).
  • Then you create an approved sender (the address you are going to allow to send emails from). In my case I am using
  • Next you log into your database as admin and set the smtp host, user, and password. You probably want to script this part so you can rebuild any new instances quickly and add it to your initial setup.
  • Finally there is some code to test sending an email. If you are using ArcSQL like me you will just need to configure the saas_from_address setting in arcsql_user_setting package and call the send_email procedure.