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Hello. I am Ethan Post. I am a software developer building a Monte Carlo 🎲Ag decision making tool running on the Oracle Cloud ☁️ APEX platform.

I freelance. You can hire me. Oracle, Python, Bash, Git and a bunch more.


I maintain a couple open source projects that I built and 💚 love: ArcShell and ArcSQL.

Our family has a small business building livestock run-ins 🏇🏼. I am the "MinibarnKing" of Middle Tennessee.

😕 Hey Steve

Oracle APEX Notes/Articles

How to Install ArcSQL ⚡
How to add a paywall to your Oracle APEX site using MemberSpace 💵
How I directed myapexapp.com 🔀 to my Oracle APEX application.
Setting up 📬 email with Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX

My Weight Loss Program (it works, and it is boring...but it works)